A Monster No Longer Walks Among Us

muppetter holding dark psychology cards

I received a three-word email last night that needed no explanation. It said simply,

“He died yesterday.”

Ernest “Ernie” Matushchka was a former clinical psychologist and former head of the Department of Psychology at Kearney State College, now the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Matushchka’s license to practice clinical psychology was revoked in 1990 after he sexually assaulted and abused numerous female patients over a period of at least 20 years. The college never made any effort to reach out to his victims to offer support, counseling, or even an apology. They just swept it under the rug and moved on, even though some of the assaults happened on campus.

In a September 3, 1990 article, the Kearney Hub quoted the final Joint Stipulation of Facts in Matuschka’s case:

“[Matuschka] engaged in manipulative and destructive behavior with his patients through his use of psychology and threats. His conduct caused or probably will cause the affected patients long-term mental health problems. The evidence shows that he specifically preyed on the weaknesses of his patients. He learned of those weaknesses through his professional relationship with them and used his knowledge of psychology to manipulate and control his victims for his sexual gratification and personal gain.”

Nebraska Assistant Attorney General James Spears, who prosecuted the case, told me after it ended that Matuschka was “the personification of evil.”

Maybe now all of his many victims, including myself, can finally find some peace.

[ https://neptunesociety.com/obituaries/tempe-az/ernest-matuschka-11751939 ]

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