I had a habit that developed into a tradition of always voting in person for presidential elections. That means this is the year I will break one of my most beloved traditions. I hope I get the chance to renew it in four years.

I do it because I enjoy watching everyone who’s standing in line with me. It’s usually a diverse group — female and male, young and old, racially and ethnically mixed, students and professionals, privileged and poor. We rarely speak to each other and aren’t likely to hang out together anytime soon. But what we all have in common is the willingness to stand and wait anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to exercise our right to vote. I’ve always found that reassuring.

So it gave me some comfort to see those long lines of early voters, to see that kind of commitment to voting. And for them to be able to look around and know they weren’t alone. That’s why we’ll win.

~Jassa Skott