Matuschka Update

I have learned that Ernie and Verla Matuschka have been forced to resign from the Board of Directors of the Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat (SCR), due to pressure applied by at least two of his victims. SCR conducts counseling retreats for the clergy and is based in Arizona. It appears Ernie had never told them that he is no longer a licensed psychologist, and that he had lost his license for sexually abusing/assaulting patients (and for billing fraud). It has also been reported that Ernie complained he was being “mistreated” and that he still shows no remorse.

The link below is for a Kearney Hub article that provides more background on the 1990 hearing that resulted in Ernie losing his professional license. It makes clear how much of a monster he truly was and is. If you know of other victims, please encourage them to contact me. They can do so privately at, if they do not want to post anything in the comments section of this blog. I am trying to get a clearer picture of just how many women he assaulted in his 20 years at Kearney State College, and afterward. I will not reveal anyone’s name without their explicit permission.

Also, if you know of anyone who filed a formal or informal complaint about Ernie with Kearney State College prior to him losing his license, please let me know.

Link: Matuschka – Kearney Hub 1990

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